"My husband and I were very pleased with the sale of our timeshare..."

Success Stories

Sell My Timeshare has sold thousands of vacation properties, and rented even more.  Now is the opportune time to join our family of satisfied clients. Here are just a few stories from the many we have helped sell timeshares and rent vacation properties.

"Just a note to tell you how much i appreciate your one price til sold ad. My ad 593 has gotten me rentals every year for 3 years now. Thank you for your help. ps your competitors keep calling to tell me how poorly you are doing for me and I tell them that you have done alright for me with rentals every year then they hang up!"
Joe Fausnight

"Dawn,I want to thank you for your assistance in selling my Timeshare unit at the Walk Resort on Ebay. I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first but took the chance and everything worked out just like you said.
Although the minimum reserve price was not met, I was able to contact the high bidder and work out a fair price we were both comfortable with. At that point it was then turned over to the title company where they handled all the closing and i just waited for my check to come in the mail.
I would recommend Timeshares By Owner to anyone and I would not hesitate to buy or sell future Timeshares through your service."
Jim Hoagland

"I was assisted by Dawn through Timeshares By Owner on the sale of my Hilton Head property. She was very helpful, knowledgeable and not only listed my property on the website but had it listed on Ebay as an auction. Though the property on auction did not meet the reserve price, Dawn was instrumental in getting me in touch with the last bidder. I was then able to complete the sale in a timely manner. I found Dawn and the team to be upfront and committed to assist me in selling my property. I would quickly recommend anyone interested in selling their timeshare to contact Dawn."
Lis Ristuccia

"Recently our family bought a timeshare advertised on your website. It has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Your staff answered questions quickly and professionally during the process…my first timeshare purchase. I am not an experienced online "surfer", but I found it easy to locate and categorize properties by location, price range, time availability by just clicking the organized Search for Property page. You also have so many properties for sale and/or rent that I found it easy to find a property complimentary to our growing family needs. Thanks again for your professional service. I frequently recommend your website to my friends who are considering timeshare ownership at bargain prices!"
John W. Ohman of Cape Cod, MA.

"I would like to thank you for your help in the re-sale of my Disney Vacation Club timeshare. When I made the decision to sell my timeshare, I had no idea where to start, or how to go about finding a market for my property. you and your company took care of everything, from advertising to closing. It was well worth the money.

"I'm happy to say that the response we received to your advertising was tremendous and that we sold our unit in a matter of weeks. I would gladly recommend your services, and again thank you for helping us."
Richard Turk

"Thank you for the good job. Our time share sold in 8 months after trying for years ourselves. We had several calls and finally sold to someone living local thanks to your Internet advertising."
Ron B. of Ontario

"We are writing this letter to express our gratitude for the remarkable job that your service did in helping us sell our timeshare quickly. We were astonished at the fact that it sold on the very same day that it was listed. We would recommend your service to anyone that wanted to sell their timeshare. Your company representatives were very courteous and professional and willing to answer all of our questions. Once again, thank you so much."
Gary and Angie Jackson

"Thank you for all the help you gave us in becoming smart timeshare buyers. We are new owners at the Blue Tree Resort at a very good price, saving us thousands of dollars and are currently purchasing a lock-out unit at Cypress Point, again at tremendous savings."
Mr. and Mrs. R. F. of NY

"My husband and I were very pleased with the sale of our time share through 'Timeshares By Owner' on the internet. We had advertised with several other real estate agents and had no help at all. We had three offers through 'Timeshares By Owner' and sold our Ozark Mountain Resort within two weeks this past March. They also gave us our asking price."
Mrs. Allan (Marjorie) H.

"This letter is to state how pleased we are with your advertising executive. We listed our time share at Star Island in June of 1998. For months there were no results. We had finally despaired of ever selling it. We had also listed with other agencies, also with no results. Then one day, we called to see what was happening and our ad exec answered the phone. What methods he used worked for us. We received two phone calls with potential buyers. We connected very nicely with one of the buyers and escrow closed on October 13, 1999. Anytime we have called our ad exec, he was always courteous and helpful. We are sure he will do the same for his future clients. Thank you again."
Charles and Patricia P.

"Thank you very much for the excellent handling your company did resulting in the sale with closing completed of my Orange Lake timeshare. Your most recent phone call to me questioning if everything went OK for me is another indication of your interest and efforts to make sure your customers are satisfied with your services. While my unit was listed for sale, I did pull it up on my computer and found my listing was exactly as I had requested. As a result it did sell within a time frame of six months, and only because of my listing with your company. If I want to buy another timeshare (currently own five others) your listing will be the first place I will look for timeshares for sale. When I decide to sell one of my timeshares ( at some future date) I will again contact your company to list my property. Initially I contacted numerous other companies (your competitors) and found your program to be the best and it came true."
George H. Hess

"We were pleased with Timeshares By Owner. Our ad was placed on the net, within the hour of our decision to sell. We had several inquires and our time share was sold for our asking price within two months. Thank you Timeshares By Owner for making this a painless experience!"
R.R and S.R. of MI

"I would like to thank you ever so much for the excellent and timely manner in which you sold our timeshare. I appreciate how you kept us informed of what was going on in each step of the sale of our timeshare. Your eagerness and earnestness to assist us and answer our questions was very impressive."
Diane S.

"Just a note to thank you and your staff for the wonderful way you all handled the listing and the expedient sale of my timeshare in Powahatan Plantation in Williamsburg, VA. The advice I received and the help with the legal details was most appreciated. Beginning with the contact from the purchaser on the internet, to receiving my check, all went well."
B.J. Wilson

"Just a note to let you know I received my check yesterday (via Airborne) as you had promised. Your service, right from the start, has been really professionally handled giving me the peace of mind with this sale. I am pleased with the speed you handled this transaction with everything going smoothly. Thanks again."
George H.

"I am very pleased with the service of your firm. It took me several months to sign on with you and T.B.O. First I was burned by one of your competitors with the "apprasial" trick. I then turned to market my week through a "co-op" group on the Internet; I got lots of runaround from people making lowball offers but nothing in the serious range. I finally signed on with you, within six weeks I had a firm offer at my asking price. The buyer wanted to see the unit so we worked out a deal for him to rent the week with his rent to be credited to the purchase price. He liked the unit and we closed on the sale several weeks later. Please feel free to show this letter to any of your potential clients Thanks for your wonderful support."
F.F. Shipp, Eismere, NY

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